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Home Security: What to Do with Key Duplicates?

In the world of home security, advice is always needed to achieve the peace of mind you expect. In a time of rapidly increasing insecurity, it is imperative to learn who to trust at specific times when there is no one in your home.
It is not easy to leave the responsibility of taking care of your home to a person. You never know what to expect from them, either because they are not completely reliable or because unfortunately they do not take responsibility for what can happen to one of the most important elements of a house: the keys.
Even without having them in their hands, criminals can accomplish a lot with them.
Here is an example:
Nowadays, several techniques have been developed to duplicate keys, some even use photos of your keys that are then printed to make a copy with soda cans. You might think it is an ineffective trick, but it seems to be quite functional.
Likewise, 3D printers are used for the same purpose. Incredible, isn't it? Technology advances, as well as the tricks to commit crimes and surpass your home security.
What to Do with Key Duplicates
Since it is necessary to take precautions in case you go on vacation or lose a key, you will probably have to resort to one of the three options below.
Give a Key Duplicate to a Family Member
This is one of the safest options when it comes to trust. Who but a relative to take care of your home? This person will most likely keep your key with his own, so you'll be sure that he will always have it with him and won't lose it.
However, this can also be a problem, as other family members may argue that they need to come into your home and end up invading your privacy.
Leave a Copy of the Key at Work
This is not a bad idea considering you will not have to depend on anyone. Naturally, it works in cases where you have lost your key or if, in an emergency, you have to tell a coworker to stop by your home. Nevertheless, you should keep in mind that you need to have permanent access to your office, there's no point in using it as a hiding place if you lose your keys late at night and then can not look for the duplicate.
Also, you should take your precautions, you never know who might find that key and print a 3D copy.
Give a Key Duplicate to the Neighbors
This case is similar to that of family members, although there are more risks. The advantage is that the neighbors are nearby for any eventuality that may arise and can help with any problem.
However, not all people are reliable, so you should choose who you leave the keys to. Many people are scammed by acquaintances and you never know if your neighbors decide to keep a copy of those keys.
How to Improve your Home Security in these Cases?
Evidently, you are choosing wisely where to hide your keys and who to entrust them. Nevertheless, other security measures should be implemented in order to protect your home and belongings.
One of the most recommended measures is the use of the CCTV system. With the new technologies this system allow you to monitor any activity at home from your phone screen. If a relative, neighbor or stranger enters your property, you will be able to discover him without any problems and call the authorities immediately.
Excellent choice, isn't it?
Another viable option is to change the lock type so you don't have to hide a key or leave it to someone else. The new electric door lock systems allow you to enter your home without using keys.
In some cases, you can complement this security measure with alarm systems and other devices that will allow you to open and close your home doors remotely, whether you are in another part of the city or elsewhere in the country.
Finally, if you haven't changed your security systems and think you lost your keys or had them stolen, the best thing you can do is to call security experts. All locksmiths in NY are trained to offer you the best security services, starting with changing all home locks.
Locksmiths, such as Empire City Locksmiths, specialize in security services that will help you protect your home 24 hours a day. Thanks to their knowledge, they will be able to advise you in the best way and will recommend the best system that fits your needs.
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