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Is a Fingerprint Lock Safe for Your Home?

As mentioned above, the fingerprint lock is a step above a traditional lock. The key to it cannot be duplicated, and you can give as few or as many people access to unlock the door as you wish.

If someone like a friend or babysitter needs to come over, most fingerprint locks have a secondary code on a number pad that can allow entry.

Another pro is that fingerprint systems are also smart locks, due to their use of information and Wi-Fi. Most models can record any failed attempts to use the lock and alert you as it happens.

If security is always on your mind, a fingerprint lock can be a good way to provide some peace of mind.

The Cons of a Fingerprint Lock

It should be obvious that a smart lock with fingerprint access will be more expensive than your standard lock. If money is a concern, that can be a real issue.

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Getting a Better Lock For Your Front Door

Security should be a primary concern for all homeowners.

Protecting your home and your family does not need to involve fancy or expensive technology; sometimes all it takes to feel secure is a sturdy lock on all of your doors!

That’s why having a loose or broken lock on your front door can be so unsettling.

Luckily, we will be covering the best solutions to loose or broken locks and how you can find the best door lock for your front door.

Fixing a Loose Door Lock

If you notice that a door lock has suddenly become loose, don’t panic! It can be scary, but the most likely reason for the loosening is simple wear and tear over time.

Locks on doors that are used often such as a front or back door are primary examples of this.