Easy Security System

CCTV: An Easy Security System

One day you are walking, enjoying the night and its tranquility. Little by little you get closer to home and everything is desolate and silent. Suddenly you hear a few footsteps nearby, they approach fast and you get more and more scared. You’re closer to home, but you remember that you don't have any security system in it! How will you protect your family and belongings?
You're near your front door, but the person is still behind you. In the end, he is just another passer-by, going home fast.
Now you have to ask yourself:
What would have happened, if he had been a criminal? If it had been a theft, could there be any evidence? Probably not.
Nowadays, two of the most important aspects you have to think about is safety and home security. There is no harm in installing or upgrading the security systems of your house so you can protect your family and investment.
The easiest way to do it?
Using a video surveillance system known as CCTV.
How does a CCTV work?
The Closed Circuit Television equipment is a system that uses security cameras, placed in strategic locations, to transmit images to one or more monitors and DVRs (Digital Video Recorders). It is identified as a closed-circuit, since all its parts are connected; the cameras transmit directly to the monitors and DVRs, which playback and record the images.
The CCTV security system is very versatile. It can be used for various functions such as:
Monitor several areas of a facility, office or home simultaneously, controlling and supervising the activities that are developed within the premises.
Monitor the activities performed by employees inside your home, office or business. In this way, theft by personnel and individuals from outside the premises can be prevented.
Detect suspicious activity in areas where law enforcement officers know that illegal activities are taking place.
Traffic monitoring.
Technology and the security system
In previous years this type of system used rudimentary equipment. The cameras did not have a very high resolution and the monitors could only playback black and white images.
And now?
Currently, the equipment has advanced to offer a better service. Obviously, the old VCRs were replaced by the DVR, a type of computer that converts analog signals into digital signals. Thanks to technological advances, DVRs now even work with Internet; they are known as iDVRs, which, through an app, allow you to remotely watch the camera images on your phone or tablet.
In the case of cameras, technological progress is also evident. Their resolution has improved and now you can integrate speakers and the motion detector option, a process by which the camera detects changes in object movements. There are also cameras that do not need a DVR or a computer; these are the IP cameras, devices with their own microcomputer that transmit images directly to the Internet.
Could a locksmith provide a CCTV service in NY?
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