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Changing Locks or Rekeying Locks: What’s the Best Option?

If you’ve just recently moved into a new house, lost your keys, or fear your keys have fell under the power or possession of an undesirable visitor, changing your locks is probably something you are seriously and urgently considering doing. Also, probably if you’re considering changing your locks, you’ve might also encountered a second option when researching about the topic and that’s rekeying your locks. Before you rush into any decision-making, we think it’s best you know all the facts and differences between changing or rekeying your locks. To help you make up your mind, we prepared this article with a short and effective comparison between both options:Option A: Changing locks

Changing your locks simply consists in changing your old lock system for a new one.
As you may imagine, this alternative may be more expensive than rekeying, this is why we’ll provide you with a short list of scenarios in which you should consider changing your locks: 1. If you just recently moved into a new place and the locks in your new apartment or house are old and rusted, you may consider changing your locks to get new and more modern ones.
2. For a security upgrade the best option possible is changing your locks. High security locks or electronic locks may be the best offers when considering a more secure system. 3. When all the locks of your house, apartment, or office are from different brands and you want all of them working with the same key, then you should definitely change your locks. While it is possible to rekey any brand of lock, to make all locks work with the same key it is necessary they all are the same brand.
In case that you have multiple locks installed at your home but you don’t have the key for all of them, then you should compare the prices between rekeying them without a key (that means a more expensive work) and completely changing your locks for new ones.
Option B: Rekeying locks
There’s an alternative to changing your locks and that’s rekeying.
Rekeying a lock consists in keeping your lock but the old key won’t work anymore. By simply taking the lock apart and replacing its key pins, a locksmith is able to make a new key that will now operate it. Also, what people mostly don’t know is that rekeying your locks may be a cheaper option than changing your locks if you have the working key to it.
The most common scenarios in which you should consider this option are: 1. If you moved into a new place and don’t know who else has the key to it.
2. Your keys got lost and you don’t know who might have them.
3. If you want to prevent someone who has a key to your lock to enter.
4. If you have several locks from the same brand as you want all of them working with the same key.
I made up my mind, should I do it myself?
While some locks are easy to be changed or rekeyed, it is best that you hire a professional locksmith. Changing your locks yourself requires a little practice and expertise for it to fit perfectly and work accordingly.
Also, in case you are simply rekeying your lock, special tools are often required for this task and if you fail in doing so, you will then need to completely change your lock system.
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