Upgrading Security System

Client Testimonial: Why Upgrading My Security System Changed My Life

Client Testimonial: Why Upgrading My Security System Changed My Life

Just months ago, I was living my life under the most stressful paranoia until I came across the incredible team of Empire City Locksmith. It was only natural to happily agree on writing this short piece when they asked me to give my client testimonial after the excellent service they provided helping me upgrade my security system.
I moved to New York last year after my company decided to transfer me from the local offices to their headquarters on The Big Apple. Clearly, like any other 23 years-old professional women, I was excited. After living with my parents in my hometown where I found my first, fantastic job after college, space was something I was desperately craving for. Yeah, I know, “Space in New York?”. I didn’t care, having a sofa and my own bathroom seemed just perfect.
As any other person moving to a new town, choosing the right area to live was everything, and after careful considerations, Brooklyn was it. I found a great and beautiful apartment not far from the train station and my new life was going great,
...until that one night.
It was late as I was walking home after work when I first felt someone was following me. I thought to myself that maybe my small-town girl sensibility was making me paranoid. I continued to walk home, and everything was fine.
It was around 3:00 AM that I felt someone was trying to open up my door but, I was so tired I fell asleep again. The next morning, I woke up and went back to work like any other regular day. The day passed by and it was time to go home again only to find out my apartment had been broken into and stole most of my most valuable possessions. Indeed, that night when I felt someone was following me and later trying to force my door, I was right.

Upgrading My Security System

Upgrading My Security System: The Perfect Solution
The police took care of the situation incredibly, even found the burglar and managed to return some of my things. But what followed that experience was months of pure paranoia. Every night I had trouble sleeping and even returned home every time I felt I had left my door slightly unlocked.
My security concerns were taking over my life as I even considered moving back to my parents’ when researching online I found Empire City Locksmith. Honestly, upgrading my security system wasn’t something I had thought of after simply changing my locks after the theft, but reading about Empire City’s services it seemed like the perfect solution.

Empire City Locksmith

Meeting Empire City Locksmith
I contacted Empire City Locksmith on a Thursday night just to wake up with the nicest answer next morning. They perfectly understood my situation and recommended that I installed an electronic lock system. By Friday afternoon, they were already knocking on my door ready to install my new security system. Ever since they installed my new electronic lock system, I have managed to sleep in peace again, and they also kindly explained to me what general security measures to take to avoid reliving that awful experience once again.
I can’t express how thankful I felt after they did an incredible job upgrading my security system and kindly teaching me on how to manage security breaches better. If by any chance you are considering to upgrade your security system, take my word on trusting Empire City Locksmith with the task.