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    Locksmith From Ancient Era To Modern Time

    Unlocking the History of the Locksmith

    We live in an era of deep concern over our personal security. More and more of our daily assets are being digitized and put online where we have to manage passwords and other features to keep our precious data safe.

    Offline, we already have a solution for that, one that’s been around since the time when people first had the concept of personal property.

    We’re already so used to it that it’s often overlooked, but we owe our lives and our society to the invention by those who chose the locksmith profession and innovation of the lock.

    Everyone knows what locks are. They’re everywhere, and we use them for nearly everything. From simple lever-based bar locks to the complex key-tooth tumblers and even the new era of voice and facial recognition; locks keep us safe from outside threats. Read more about LOCKSMITH the word itself, history, evolution and more.

    Locksmith NYC

    NYC neighborhoods excluding recent riots are a generally safe neighborhoods but caution and safety is more important. much like getting your doors secured with the best locks possible, it is very important to plan where you are going to, don't just wander around the neighborhood.

    There's no place in Manhattan that is almost unsafe during the daylight. If you take a look at the crime statistics in New York, you will notice Manhattan North and South have the highest rates, but those are mostly grand larcenies and not street crime. Read more about Locksmith NYC.