Lose Your Car Keys nyc

Follow These Tips so You Don’t Lose Your Car Keys

Prevention is key to avoiding problems. In the world of keys and locksmiths, emergency calls for lost car keys are very common. Today, locksmiths in New York are used to these situations and offer very good solutions to this problem.
But is there any way to avoid calling locksmiths so often?
In the case of lost keys, it is best to find a way to keep them in sight and at hand. And how do you do this if that’s the main problem? Well, by following the advices of Empire City Locksmiths.
But before you keep reading, find out here why you should apply for locksmith services in Manhattan to solve security problems.

Tips to Avoid Losing Your Car KeyLosing your keys is a stressful and risky situation. Not finding your car keys can lead to a security breach and a stolen car.

So how can you avoid this increasingly frequent situation in your daily life?

The answer: following simple but effective tips to keep your car keys always by your side.

1. Use Big, Flashy Keychains

If you tend to lose your keys easily, the best option is to use big and colorful keychains. This will allow you to see them anytime without any difficulty. Yes, sometimes these large objects make it difficult to get the keys out of your pockets, but at least you’ll know you have them at hand.

2. Designate Specific Place to Store Keys

Having a specific place to store your keys is a good solution. People change clothes, purses and bags frequently; however, if you always assign your car keys a specific space, back or front pocket, inside or outside bag pocket, it will be easier for you to locate them.
At home, to keep them in sight, you should also use key hooks. On them you can hang all your key locks in order and get used to having them all in the same place and on a specific hook.

3. Buy Keychain Bluetooth Trackers

In addition to offering advanced CCTV systems for your security, technology also makes it easy for you to locate your car keys. If you’re one of those who never remembers where you left them, these new devices will allow you to track them from the comfort of your phone.
Currently, these keyrings come with several features: location through GPS, and warning alarms. Now you’ll be able to know you’re moving away from your keys or locate the place where you lost them. A very resourceful keychain, don’t you think?

4. Create a Routine

In the end, the best solution to this problem will always be to create a routine. Before leaving home, take the keys from the hook, use the car, and keep them in the designated place. Never move them around or play with them inside or outside your home, if you do that you could forget them anywhere or lose them in any public place.
Really simple, right? So what are you waiting for to put these tips into practice, before you lose your car keys?
You've Already Lost Your Car Keys?

One day you walk to your car, look for the keys and can’t manage to find them. You still haven’t bought your bluetooth tracker and your pants don’t have the front pockets where you usually keep them.

You keep looking but you just don't have them anymore, what should you do? In these cases, you can choose between two quick options.

1. Look for Key Duplicates

Once you lose your car keys, you must remain calm and locate the key duplicate. In general, people tend to keep these copies in safe places. However, sometimes they may also ask others to keep them in case of an emergency. If this is what you usually do, always remember to assigning the task to someone you trust and avoid keeping the keys at your workplace.

2. Call a Manhattan Locksmith

Manhattan locksmith services provide a wide range of options to solve all your problems with door locks, security systems, and more. Its 24-hour locksmith services are adapted to the needs of all clients and are available to anyone who requires them.
In cases where keys are lost for good and you don’t have any duplicate key, locksmiths give you several solutions: rekeying the locks, making new car keys using code machines, and programming new transponder keys. No matter which method you choose, you can be sure you’ll have new keys and a more secure car.
As you can see, contacting the experts is the best solution for your car key situation! They know how to solve your problems in the most efficient way, at any time of the day. Security companies, such as Empire City Locksmith, are always at your disposal with the most up-to-date automotive services, so always keep on hand their contact number in case of any emergency.