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Greenwich Locksmith Services & Private Security!

Home security is one of New Yorkers’ biggest concerns. State-of-the-art security systems can provide safety and comfort for you, your family, and your property. Specialized security companies and lock experts, such as Greenwich locksmiths, offer a wide variety of options to secure your home.
When choosing to install or upgrade your home’s security solutions, there are a lot of choices, and it can be difficult to understand their value or suitability for your needs. In addition to Greenwich Locksmiths, your local home security specialists, there are also private security companies that provide ongoing security services.
How do you choose? What services and options do you actually need? What’s the best value for your peace of mind and safety? Empire City Locksmith is here to help you make sense of this important choice.
What Private Security Companies Can Offer You
Private security companies offer security staff and equipment to clients, which could take the form of guard stations, patrols, guard dogs, and personal bodyguard services.
Private security companies typically install and maintain the equipment that they will offer for sale or rent as part of a security solution, such as CCTV systems. They can also offer home monitoring services, such as contacting law enforcement in the event of an intrusion.
Most security services are beyond the scope (and budget) of a private homeowner’s security needs. If you aren’t interested in a visible security presence on your property, you’re probably more interested in solutions involving security equipment that you can control directly, like enhanced locks, alarms, or cameras.
What Greenwich Locksmiths Can Do For You
When we think of a locksmith, most people think of the service we call when we’re locked out of our house or car or need duplicate keys. However, the locksmith profession has evolved to offer a wide range of security services. In most municipalities (including New York City), locksmiths must be licensed professionals, requiring rigorous training and certification.
Greenwich Locksmiths can offer a range of home security solutions for any budget- installing security or reinforced fire doors, lock replacement and rekeying, electronic door locks, safes, CCTV systems, intercoms, and alarms. And, of course, we’ll be there to help you maintain these systems and help if you’ve locked yourself out- security solutions should be an inconvenience for intruders, not you!
As compared to a private security company, a locksmith won’t charge monthly subscriptions or require a constant physical presence- we’ll use our expertise to help you choose security solutions that are right for you, which will then be put entirely under your control- not dependent on the constant intervention of other professionals.
Choosing the Best Security Service
A private security company can offer you a great deal of attention and extensive security services, but these come at a high cost- expensive, ongoing presence of service personnel and usually equipment monitoring, rental, and maintenance costs.
Most people looking for a home security solution that meets the “sweet spot” of value, function, and convenience find the best answer lies in consulting with a professional security expert, such as Empire City Locksmith, and building a security system package that meets their unique needs, taste, and budget.