Home Security: Electronic Door Locks

Home Security: Electronic Door Locks

In recent years, technology has advanced considerably and has been integrated into many elements of our daily life. Which ones? Toothbrushes, vacuum cleaners, and even door locks! Yes, electronic door locks exist, and they’re here to stay.

These types of locks have been on the market for some time; however, as new technologies such as cell phones and their applications arrive, new alternatives appear, expanding the repertoire of locks and helping you upgrade your security systems.
Currently, some people still wonder if these locks are really safe. Because of the good acceptance they have had in the market and the variety of options offered, technology enthusiasts and even people with little technological knowledge will say yes.
Nevertheless, you have to decide for yourself!
Electronic Door Locks and its Variations

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Electric or electronic door locks are locks that use electric currents to open. They implement a keyless authentication system that will give you more security, since no one would be able to pick your lock.
For your comfort and peace of mind, technological advances have allowed the creation of a variety of products to choose from. Just keep reading to learn all the different types of locks that this technological era has for you.
Keypad Locks

Electronic Door Locks

First you have the keypad lock, a type of lock with a long trajectory in the market. As an authentication method, it uses small keys that you must press to enter a pin number. Today, these types of locks can be sold with touchscreens and other integrated security methods to prevent anyone from finding out your code.
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Locks

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These types of electronic door locks operate with an electromagnetic field that identifies tags placed on certain objects. In these cases, cards or key fogs are used to open the doors. Choosing the key fog can can be a real advantage; it can be detected in your pocket or wallet, so you don’t need to waste time searching through your things to get your keys anymore.
Biometric Locks

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These locks use a recognition system known as biometric. This system measures and statistically analyzes the physical and behavioral characteristics of a person; such as the well-known fingerprints. In this case, biometric lock identifies your fingerprint, previously programmed in the lock, to open your home door. Although it is not yet very common, in some countries’ iris recognition is also being used in this type of locks.
Bluetooth Locks

Home Security: Electronic Locks

In this particular case, the world of locks join the smartphones boom and use them as a device to open the doors. Bluetooth locks read your smartphone’s Bluetooth ID and let you pass when you approach. If your phone’s battery runs out, these locks usually employ other entry measures.
When it comes to using smartphones, there are also certain applications that allow you to open the doors of your home from a remote location. If you need someone to go feed your dog or check the gas pipes, you just press your screen to let them pass.
Now, what do you think? You’re still not sure about using electronic locks to upgrade your security system?
If that’s the case, you can go to any locksmith in NY that offers keyless lock services, as is the case of Empire City Locksmith, to clarify any questions you may have. Also, remember that you can hire additional security services, such as the CCTV system, and add devices, such as home safes, to protect your house and belongings.