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Install a Lock On Your Doors and Windows Get A Key Locksmith And Keep Extra Keys In A Safe Place

It may seem like a no-brainer, but many people for get to do this or don’t think they need to because their neighborhood is “safe”.

Burglars notice habits, and it they notice that your doors and windows are unlocked because they don't have a lock, or if your lock is visibly broken get home lock repairs to fix it, otherwise that’s basically an invitation for them to mosey in and steal your valuables.

You can even outfit them with motion sensors, so if someone does break in, you instantly know. Motion sensors can send an alert to your phone so you can call the police or even get a picture of the thief.

If the sensor turns on a floodlight outside, it can cause a thief to immediately bolt away. Thieves hate being exposed out in the open.

Don’t Overshare

Be careful who you tell you’re going to be away for a week, or who you tell the location of your cash stash to.

They may not even notice if they let the information slip, or they may not be a genuine friend and come to steal it later.

Also be wary of any professional workers you let in. it is best if you give them keys get a key locksmith and replace those keys. Also you can check Google reviews, and if someone stops by who you weren’t expecting, verify they are who they say they are by calling their company.

If you have an answering machine, don’t say in the message that you’ll be out of town....

If you’re selling something over the Internet, don’t arrange to meet at your home to perform the transaction.

This gives thieves great opportunity to take the item and run, and they may come back if they think there’s an opportunity. Arrange to meet in the parking lot of a local police station. Most would-be robbers will decline.

Switch Up Your Hiding Spots

Everyone hides cash in their sock drawer. Nowadays, you have to be as creative as the burglars are.

Find new secret spots to hide valuables in, and invest in a safe. There are some great places to hide valuables where a thief may not even think of: such as inside a false book or behind a painting.

It is smart to have a copy of your keys any key locksmith can help your with that and keep a copy in a safe place with family, but never write on the key holder you name or address.


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