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Lock Repair 10002

Lock Repair 10002 - Locksmith repair locks for homeowners, businesses, and government. If you found your way to our website and you are thinking about fixing your own lock, "STOP"! Don't waste your time, you do not have the skill, tools, or time. Call us. Let me put it to you this way. A locksmith is not a surgeon and he is he a cook, he is a locksmith with the tools, skills, and time invested in training to do the job right. What the average person will not understand is that there are thousands of lock systems. When a locksmith opens a lock he does not know what he or she is going to do to repair the lock. The damages can range from a faulty part to a warn out part. Locks are like time pieces. The springs can be weak or the travel rails are warn out. This can require the changing of a single part or maybe it is better to change the whole lock with an updated lock system. Empire City Locksmith takes pride in the less expensive path. FYI if an old lock is beautiful and serves the purpose repair it. Also when upgrading to a new lock system the system may require re-cutting holes and channels to accommodate a new lock.  This is not so bad if the door will lend it self to the changes. Residential doors with old wood are beautiful and the lock system can be just as interesting in old design. Most of the time to stay in style with the door setting fixing the old lock requires a little time a patience. Don't forget to add some grease if it is a combination dead bolt and handset lock.

Lock Repair 10002 - Knowledge of lock repair, most locks use pin tumbler lock systems however a wafer tumbler lock is similar to the pin tumbler. The difference is wafer lock piece is a single piece and is incorrectly referred to as a disc tumbler lock an entirely different mechanism. The wafer lock is is used in automobiles and cabinetry.  Just another way the manufacturers keep locksmiths in business.

Today there is a lock replacement brand that is being sold but you cannot match key to other locks in your house.  The lock you buy for a cheep price comes with the key that you will use. Be aware of your application needs. Call Empire City Locksmith NYC today.  212-588-0222


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