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Locksmith Business: Opening the Wrong Door Lock

Any owner of a locksmith business should be aware of the risks that he could face. First of all, if you need to hire locksmiths for your business, it is essential to verify their information and select those with certification. These measures are designed to prevent scams from employees who are representing your business.

Now you should be asking yourself:
“What other eventuality should I expect?” As a locksmith in NY, you can expect the unexpected from even the simplest jobs. A phone call is all it takes to get you involved in a home invasion. Just as you read it, in the simplest case you could be opening the door of a home that doesn't really belong to the alleged owner.
This is a very important point, as it deals with the responsibility of locksmiths in particular crimes.
As previously stated, a locksmith can be an accomplice of home invasion. However, other crimes, such as scams in which an individual sells a property that does not belong to him, are in the repertoire of inconveniences that this type of professional can encounter if he opens the wrong door.
And what a locksmith should do to avoid these situations? Keep reading to find out.
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Locksmith Advices for Locksmith Business
Many people see locksmith services as a less formal profession that doesn’t have to follow very rigorous parameters. But the reality is that in order to provide a better service and protect the business, locksmiths must follow certain procedures.
Ask for the Owner's Identification
The most important step is to ask for a picture ID before doing the job. This will allow you to check if the property address matches the one in the document that the person submitted and if the person is who he claims to be. You may also need to ask for a utility bill with the name of the person who requested the locksmith service as a backup.
If you have to open car doors because the person lost the car keys, it is best to ask for car documentation, driver’s
license and identification for greater security.
Ask Specific Questions to Analyze the Clients
Obviously, as a locksmith, you are going to meet people who might have locked themselves out when taking the dog for a walk or taking out the garbage, so their identification could be inside the house. In these cases it is best to ask simple but key questions.
An example?
Well, you can ask “how did this happen?”, “do you live with someone else?”, and even “you are sure you lost the key?”; in many cases people actually have the keys in an unusual place or inside a vehicle. All these questions should be asked in order to analyze the client's behavior.
If the work is done and you were able to open the door without drilling the lock, the best thing you can do is suggest the person to look for the keys. If this is not possible and the person is not interested in rekeying the lock, this may be a sign that the wrong door lock has been opened.
Verify Information with a Neighbor or a Landlord
Usually, people who lock themselves out look for the help of someone close to them, whether it is a friend, a neighbor or the concierge. These people can tell you if the client actually lives in the building. If no one is accompanying the person when you arrive, you can ask him to find a neighbor or contact the landlord in the case of a rented property.
Use Information Forms for your Locksmith Business
Ideally, locksmiths should keep a documented record of all work performed. Some locksmith businesses have implemented the use of forms with spaces for all kinds of information.
It must include all the customer's information: telephone number, mobile phone number, email, name, address and even if his name appears in the building's registry. It is also relevant to have spaces for neighbors to place their information and confirm that the person lives on the property.
Following all these parameters is essential to take your locksmith business in NY even further. In order to grow in this area of work and gain the trust of the customers, as Empire City Locksmith has done, it is necessary to structure the business in terms of procedures and security services.