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Locksmith Security Advices: How to Avoid Scams

Safety right now is the number one priority for people. In addition to taking precautions when going out into the street, preventive measures at home are also very often taken into account. That is why it is common to request locksmith security services to protect homes, belongings and families.
Likewise, they are a resource that must be kept in mind at the least expected moment, since losing keys and staying out of the house because a door is locked are common events.
What you should do?
In those cases the best thing you can do is to call a 24-hour locksmith in NY. The problem? Today, you may encounter many scammers who may not be who they say they are or who don't do the work they say they will do.
It is common to find locksmiths' stickers or brochures offering 24-hour services. But how sure you are that they offer quality or real services? Sometimes these announcements can involve organized gangs, who are just looking to make a key duplicate of your business or home lock to enter and steal your property without forcing their way in.
Locksmith Security Advices
Do you want to learn how to avoid these situations and identify a future scam? Below are simple, but effective tips that you can use as part of your home security measures. Remember that you are never too cautious and that you can use those tips along with other lose a key to feel more safe at home.
Ask Questions and Get Information
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Before you ask a locksmith to come to your home, make a recognition call. Ask for information such as where the company is located, if they have licenses or certifications, approximate cost of the work, additional costs, time spent doing the work and even registered name of the business.
Also, once you decide to request the services, ask simple questions such as how they will get to the house, what their vehicle looks like, what the locksmith's name is, and again ask about the costs of the work they will do.
Why ask these questions?
They will give you an idea of the veracity of the business and service, for example, if they offer you an excessively low price, it is most likely a scam, they low the price to hook people and get in their homes.
It is even necessary to continue the rounds of questions once a locksmith arrives to evaluate their behavior.
Always Evaluate Work Costs
Once a locksmith knocks on your door, you need to ask the cost again before the work starts. If the price is a lot different from what you obtained over the phone, this may be a scam. It is also important to request a written estimate and ask about the work they are going to perform.
If you notice that the person gets impatient and frustrated with your questions and requests, it is best to think about finding another locksmith. In general, a reliable and honest locksmith in NY won't have any problem answering any questions you may have about his work and the cost.
Another little tip?
If he strongly urges you to pay in cash, he could be an scammer.
Ask for Identification, License or Certification
Locksmiths don’t need a certification to practice this kind of work in all states. However, in New York City, locksmiths are required to be licensed within their jurisdiction.
A license or certification is a good way to verify the legitimacy of the locksmith's work and identity. Any locksmith should have at least a voluntary locksmith certification, such as those provided by the Associated Locksmiths of America, as it will give greater credibility to his work and thus he will be able to build trust and loyalty.
Drilling the Lock Should Be the Last Resort
This should be the last resort. Usually, this method is used to open high-security locks or commercial locks. Locksmiths must have the capacity and tools to open a door without drilling a lock. A scammer can propose this method and then replace your lock with a cheap and low-quality one, charging a higher price for the work.
If the person proposes it, always ask why and how he will do it. If you feel insecure, do not let him continue with the work.
Now you are ready to spot any scammer who wants to take advantage of the circumstances. The best thing you can do is to look for a locksmith long before you need one, this will give you time to verify the information, review their location, check their website.
After analyzing these parameters you will surely find Empire City Locksmith, a locksmith service with the best security services and the best locksmith security advices.