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Lost Car Keys: A Quick Guide on What To Do

When you lose a car key you may feel stressed out and frustrated, and, who can blame you?

At first, you may be confused at what to do first to fix the problem and wondering whether a locksmith can make a new car key for you or considering other options such as going to the nearest car distributor may delay you on acting quick.
Dealing with lost car keys requires a person to act fast because their property’s security is highly at risk considering another person may have taken them. In other cases, if the car key has broken or doesn’t work anymore, well, it is as urgent due to its’ vital function of starting your car’s engine.
To help you out, we’ve prepared a quick guide on what to do when you’ve lost or broke your car keys:
1. If You’ve Lost your Car Keys: Don’t Panic!

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Your first natural reaction may be to surrender to despair.
Avoid this at all costs and first consider looking for your lost car keys in all the places you may have visited during the day, also don’t forget to check your pet’s beds, your children’s rooms and any other place they may have hidden them, the fridge, jars, closets, etc.
In case your car key isn’t working, try to repeat the process of using it with more patience to determine if you made a mistake or if it is indeed broken. Also, in this second case, try using your car keys after a few hours or check its’ batteries.
IMPORTANT: If you lost your car keys avoid standing close to your car looking for them. Go back to the place you’re leaving and safely ask managers and employees to help you instead of just asking random people around.
2. ”What Kind of Car Key Exactly?”

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Before calling a locksmith, it is necessary you first know exactly what kind of key your car works with.There are different types of car keys, and depending on which one your vehicle works with, it may require less or more specific actions to be taken to be recovered or replaced.
Also, not all car keys can be fixed by locksmiths, in many cases, you may be forced to order and buy a new one from your car’s dealer.
3. Check your Car’s VIN

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The VIN is a specific car’s vehicle identification number (VIN), and it works as a fingerprint for it to be identified.
This information will help your locksmith or dealer program the new car keys. You may take this number from the dashboard or engine bay of the car that needs a replacement key made.
Remember to record the exact make, model, and year of the vehicle.
4. Call a Locksmith

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To finally take action on recovering or replacing your lost car keys, call your locksmith and hand out all the information you’ve already gathered on your car key’s specifications to ask whether him or she iscapable of fixing the problem for you. In case they are not, go strictly to your car’s dealer to make sure you find a new set of car key that works and is safe.
Simple as that, now you know what to do if you’ve lost your car keys. Something we want you to keep in mind in this scenario is that replacing car keys isn’t cheap. Be careful to find and quick or inexpensive fixes because it may later be more expensive if it breaks your car or then stops working correctly. A professional locksmith will surely be able to help you find the right solution for you.