Mechanical vs.Electronic Lock Systems

It seems strange that when our parents first bought their homes, they never had to worry about what different choices to make regarding lock systems, but technology has not only changed the way we communicate but also how we keep our homes safe. Nowadays, worrying about how to keep your family safe also includes worrying about what kind of lock system to have at home. Mechanical lock systems have always been a very reliable choice but having the option today to opt for electronic lock systems probably has you wondering about what’s the real difference between them both. Here, we have prepared a short list of the main differences between mechanical lock systems and electronic lock systems to help you out making a decision!
Mechanical Lock Systems vs. Electronic Lock Systems: Main Differences1. “Keyless” Is The New Kid ON The Block
One of the main problems with mechanical lock systems has always been that if you ever misplace your key or it gets into the wrong hands, an intruder might enter your home. With electronic lock systems, this problem is overdue to their advance keyless systems where you can access your home just using your fingerprint or accessing a secret code.
2. If “Affordable” Is What You’re Looking For
If you want to make a safe but still pocket-friendly choice, mechanical lock systems are what you’re looking for. Whether it is about installation or replacing any of its’ parts, mechanical lock systems are a lot easier to handle and to afford than electronic lock systems that are significantly more complex.
3. Easy And Simple Installation
Don’t let the “electronic” part confuse you. Electronic lock systems are as easy as mechanical lock systems to install. Normally, they get installed in minutes, and there’s no wiring involved. The only thing you’ll probably need for installing it is a screwdriver.4. Looks Over Anything Else
If you are a style fanatic and you’re absolutely reluctant to sacrifice style over safety, then mechanical lock systems might be a better option for you. With a million different styles, this option will probably satisfy more your fashion demands than an electronic lock system.
5. You’re Not On The Guest List
When installing an electronic lock system, you have greater possibilities to control the access your close friends and staff have to your home. Provisional pins can be coded and only by disabling them, people will instantly lose access to your household.