Security Doors Services

Security Doors Services and Fire Safety Measures

You're probably wondering what security door services have to do with a fire safety system and preventive measures. It's not hard to imagine, just continue with the idea that it's like any other security system provided by a locksmith in NY.
Your safety and the safety of your employees is a priority, right?
In order to achieve that objective, it is important to follow measures to prevent fires and, if necessary, to allow an evacuation or protection of your business employees. If your company specializes in projects that require use of combustible materials, following these steps is even more important, so read on to find out what you need to do to make your workplace a safe space.
Install the Right Fire Equipment
Every company must have the basic equipment necessary to prevent a fire. First of all, it is essential to install and keep the fire extinguishers charged; these should also be in visible and easily accessible places, and close to areas that may be at greater risk of fire.
Secondly, install hose reels inside the establishment and in easily accessible places. Finally, you must install signs for emergency exits, smoking zones, fire extinguishers and hoses.
Install Security and Safety Systems
In case of fires it is necessary to have an effective fire fighting system. These are usually fixed systems integrated by automatic sprinklers that give notice of the existence of fire while releasing water on the burned area. Fire detectors that can detect from smoke and flame, to gases and temperature changes can also be installed.
In addition to the use of conventional firefighting measures and equipment, alternative systems can be applied to help you identify the starting point of a fire or even the location of an employee in distress. In these cases the use of a CCTV, a closed-circuit system that allows you to simultaneously monitor several areas of your establishment from the security of your phone, may be advisable.
Use Security Doors Services
Now you're wondering “Could a door really protect me from the fire?”. The answer is yes.
There are security doors of several materials created for this purpose. The fire-rated doors, doors with a fire-resistance rating, are those used as passive protection against fire and are responsible for stopping the propagation of fire and smoke from one room to another. These can be made of sturdy wood, steel and glass, and are provided by locksmiths
and other specialized stores.
As you can see the relation between security doors services and fire safety measures is very clear, since installing this kind of doors is considered a safety measure to protect you and your employees from the fire.
It is Difficult to Hire this Type of Security Doors Services?
Not at all! You just have to contact a specialized locksmith, such as Empire City Locksmith, and ask all your questions. Remember that they offer their services 24 hours a day so you can hire their security services whenever you want.
After finishing reading this article, many people will stop asking the typical question: do locksmiths replace door knobs? Obviously they do, but as you has witnessed, they offer much more.
Are you ready to hire security doors services? Contact us and start installing your fire safety measures!