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Locksmith 24 7 Service

Locksmith 24 7 Locked out of your house? Empire City Locksmith 24 hour Locksmith Near Me are equipped with the right tools to open the door!
Over ½ a million times a year people lock themselves out of the home, office or car. Who cares why, they just need to get back in now.
If you find yourself locked out of your home, office or car Empire City Locksmith 24 7 serves New York City, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx and any other regions with quick on time response.  If you find yourself in this situation:

  • Locked out
  • Lost, forgotten or stolen keys
  • Broken door lock
  • Jammed door lock
  • Keys locked inside the house
  • Key broken in keyhole

Locksmith 24 7 We provide emergency lockout services for residential, commercial, and auto customers. There is no emergency we cannot handle.
What Not To Do When Locked Out Of The House?

When you are locked out of your house or apartment, or commercial building the first step is to think! Did I leave a window open? Check! What about the garage? If it is a commercial property check your other doors. What not to do is to try to pick the lock yourself or break-in. To many people use hair pins and YouTube to open a door. We are professional locksmiths and 95% of the time we can pick a lock, bump a lock, or use an airbag to open a door. But when we cannot we get out the drill.  Drilling is even a risk. You only want to take out the tumbler. Go to deep and the whole lock has to be replaced. Do don’t get the idea that a hair pin is your solution. This will not go well for you.
Bottom of Form
Empire City Locksmith is ready to provide lockout home or apartment services. If you find yourself locked out of your apartment, give our locksmith technicians a call. The tools make all the difference and our locksmiths are tooled up to unlock your door. But more import they have replacement locks and keys if a lockset is damaged or warn out. More important again is that they will not damage the existing lockset. This is important if you have a specialized custom door lock.

The solution needed to get you back in your home varies according to the problem, whatever it takes Empire City Locksmith’s  can provide services for exterior, interior (like the bedroom), garages, windows and more.

Our 24/7 Lockout Services May Include:

Bumping the lock – No damage
Picking the lock – No damage
Drilling the Tumbler – Tumbler replacement
Changing or replacing the lock
Duplicating broken key to gain entry
Or simply replacing the hardware
Lost or Stolen Keys

We ensure that you have access to your home and upon approval we change or rekey the security of the location to keep any potential intruders out of your domain! This is why we offer rekeying services, especially in the case that your keys have been lost or stolen.

If you need a higher level of security, call Empire City locksmiths 24 7 Service

today.  (212) 588-0222

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