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What Locksmiths Do: 5 Main Security Services

What do locksmiths do? Curious question, don't you think?

It may seem simple and obvious, but in reality very few people today know the services that a locksmith in NY can offer.
You can still find people asking "can a locksmith make a car key?", "do locksmiths make keys" and even "do locksmiths copy keys?". Even though the answer is obvious, it is necessary to clear it. Yes, they do make car keys, they do make keys, and they do copy keys, but they also do much more.
Like what?
In this case the answer comes in the form of an inquiry, have you ever wondered how New Yorkers do to protect their homes and what specialized security services they request? Besides the deadbolt and security door bars, what other systems and devices could locksmiths clients use to protect their family and belongings?
If you still don't have an answer to these questions, read on and learn about 5 security services you probably didn't know a locksmith, such as Empire City Locksmith, could offer.
What Locksmiths Do: Top 5 Services
First of all, it is necessary to explain the meaning of locksmith: person who is responsible for repairing or installing locks and providing keys.
Too simple, don’t you think?
Definitely a very simple definition that doesn't cover everything a locksmith can do. If you really want to know what locksmiths do and the services these professionals provide, keep reading.

Access Control Systems

Well this service allows you to control the entrance to different areas of a building, depending on the level of security that each one requires. Through mechanisms such as numbered keypad entry or card reader systems you can authenticate a user's entry and monitor the time and place of access and his identity. Likewise, this type of system allows you to restrict people's access to certain areas by having cards that can only be used in specific areas.
This system seems very complex but it can be installed by any specialized locksmith in NY.
High Security Doors
Believe it or not, improving the security of your home requires more than just a simple door. Sometimes it is necessary to make use of a service that provides you with the best alternatives to protect your home or office, such as resistant doors made of even more resistant materials.
The doors can be ordered in steel or heavy wood, and can even be Kalamein type, which combines the two materials. This type of service is so extensive that it covers fire-rated doors, which serve to protect your home from fire.
Automotive Services
Did you think that the only ones who could provide a part of these kinds of services were mechanic shops? Locksmiths are also licensed and trained to perform certain tasks such as opening the locked door of your car when you forget the keys inside the vehicle, rekeying car locks when you lose your keys, and even installing a keyless entry system for users’ comfort.
CCTV System
You no longer have to turn to security companies to get one of the most efficient security systems. The CCTV system is a closed-circuit television equipment that works with security cameras and VCRs. It is often used to monitor specific areas, either in your home or office, and to identify whether a criminal wants to break into your home or whether an employee steals from your business.
Home Safes
Even the most common security items can be purchased in a locksmith's shop. To protect your belongings, from important documents and jewelry, to cash, you must use the best devices and home safes are among them.
This type of mechanisms can come in several presentations, such as combinations safes, key safes, electronic locking safes, wall safes, floor safes, depository safes, and even fire resistant safes; and all this provided by the best locksmiths in the city.

After this service list you probably stopped wondering: what locksmiths do?

As you can see, these security professionals do much more than just change locks. They also offer a variety of security services that you can use to protect your home and family. If you have any questions about which equipment or system you should choose, don't worry, experts such as Empire City Locksmith will take care of answering all your questions.
Now that you know everything a locksmith do, contact us to offer you the best service!