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    Is a Fingerprint Lock Safe for Your Home?

    As mentioned above, the fingerprint lock is a step above a traditional lock. The key to it cannot be duplicated, and you can give as few or as many people access to unlock the door as you wish.

    If someone like a friend or babysitter needs to come over, most fingerprint locks have a secondary code on a number pad that can allow entry.

    Another pro is that fingerprint systems are also smart locks, due to their use of information and Wi-Fi. Most models can record any failed attempts to use the lock and alert you as it happens.

    If security is always on your mind, a fingerprint lock can be a good way to provide some peace of mind.

    The Cons of a Fingerprint Lock

    It should be obvious that a smart lock with fingerprint access will be more expensive than your standard lock. If money is a concern, that can be a real issue.

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    Getting a Better Lock For Your Front Door

    Security should be a primary concern for all homeowners.

    Protecting your home and your family does not need to involve fancy or expensive technology; sometimes all it takes to feel secure is a sturdy lock on all of your doors!

    That’s why having a loose or broken lock on your front door can be so unsettling.

    Luckily, we will be covering the best solutions to loose or broken locks and how you can find the best door lock for your front door.

    Fixing a Loose Door Lock

    If you notice that a door lock has suddenly become loose, don’t panic! It can be scary, but the most likely reason for the loosening is simple wear and tear over time.

    Locks on doors that are used often such as a front or back door are primary examples of this.

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    Who Has A Key to Your Home?

    When most people move into a new office or home they automatically know they need to change the name on the electric service & other utilities for that address.

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    Manhattan Automotive Locksmiths FAQ

    When you think of locksmiths, you probably imagine the professionals you call to help you get into your apartment or house when you lock yourself out.


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Purchasing a Safe nyc

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When you’re a home or business owner, one of the best ways to be prepared for emergencies is to keep a list of trusted service providers. Too often, we find ourselves looking for service personnel when we’re in the middle of a crisis, which makes us vulnerable to costly scams, sub-par jobs, and hasty decisions. This is especially important when it comes to picking the right locksmith, since choosing the wrong one can be expensive and dangerous. In fact, the best time to find a reliable locksmith is when you don’t need one. If you don’t have one on your contact list yet, set aside some time to find a responsible locksmith that’s ready to step up when you need their services. Today, we’d like to share with you 5 essential qualities a good locksmith must have. If that sketchy-looking locksmith offer doesn’t have any of these, run! 1. They …

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Locksmith Near Me NYC

Locksmith NYCWhen searching for a locksmith near me, most likely you are looking for a trusted Locksmith you can work with to get you back in your locked-out car, your home or to guarantee the security of your residential or commercial property.

You're in the right place! Empire City Locksmith is the right company you can trust, established in 2000. Our experts will provide you with top-notch 24/7 locksmith service.

Your home is an investment. That’s why you should entrust its security to an expert company that understands the business and put the needs of clients first. No matter your needs, you have come to the right place. When you work with a professional team in NYC that delivers exceptional service, you are assured of a high ROI on your property.

Our team of highly skilled experts understands what it takes to deliver excellent services and provide the ultimate solution you need to your security problems. Empire City Inc. is the right brand you should trust if you desire high-quality 24-hour service in Manhattan. With our many years of experience in the industry, we can meet all your lock and key needs as they arise.

Locksmith near me in NYC area
Locksmith near me in NYC area

We know that life may happen at any time. That is why we are licensed, insured, and bonded to provide excellent service. Our services span across Manhattan and surrounding environs.

We provide the most sophisticated and advanced services in the entire New York city axis. This is why we have a high rate of satisfied customers compared to other similar services in the region. We offer complete solutions for your home, car, or business. We can help you make new car keys, secure your home and office until you are satisfied with the services rendered.

Are You Locked Out Of Your Home? That is what "Locksmith Near Me" is for!

We also provide high-quality emergency response. If you are locked out of your home, you don’t need to panic. Trust us to provide the perfect solution you need. Our expert locksmith NYC team will come to your home anytime you need our services. You don’t need to panic if you lost access to your home. We are right here to help you out.

Our NYC experts can help you fix broken locks, rekeying services, and install a keyless lock. No matter your lock and security needs, call on us. The guys at Empire City Co. are waiting for your call.

Residential Locksmith NYC Services

Our residential services include rekeying, lock installation repair as well as home lockout services. Our 24-hour services are guaranteed to secure your home. Call on our experts anytime you need to secure your home using the latest technology in keying services. We are right here waiting to help you.

Locksmith Near Me, Car, Residential and Commercial Services
Locksmith Near Me | Car, Residential and Commercial Services

Commercial Locksmith NYC Services

We provide security that protects your business or commercial property. Whether you need rekeying service, emergency lockouts, or panic bars. At locksmith NYC we understand that clients need a wide range of services for their businesses. This is why we offer the best services that guarantee their satisfaction.

Get in touch with us right away. If you need the best locksmith New York City, we are right here.

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