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Empire City Locksmith presents you with the most comprehensive and innovative solutions with regard to security and comfort for your home and business.

Your safety is a constant issue.  Your security is priority.  Empire City Locksmith Manhattan delivers the most complete service, 24 Hour Locksmith, seven days a week.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Do you desire a device that gives you the ultimate sense of protection, getting a great service and support from a "Locksmith near me"? An electric lock is a highly secure mechanism that uses electronic authentication, instead of keys, to keep you safe.
Always Available

Always Available

Empire City Locksmith NYC’s auto services encompass much more than assisting you in opening the doors of your locked car.

With the utmost concern, we service and repair ignition and door locks as well as keyless entry systems.  At Empire City, we understand the importance of precision and care.

Our locksmiths are available on call for any emergency.  Do not hesitate to reach out to our experienced personnel.  At Empire City Locksmith, we have the ability to work with any lock system for any vehicle.

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