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About Empire City Locksmith NYC Service

Empire City Locksmith NYC presents you with the most comprehensive and innovative locksmith service solutions with regard to security and comfort for your home and business.

From surveillance equipment to access control, from various master lock systems to automotive lock services, we seek to provide our customers with the most reliable and complete service in the industry.

Our concept is simple: Empire City Locksmith NYC provides its customers with the highest satisfaction through the best variety of services “under one roof”.

Empire City Locksmith NYC Service has the ability to offer the highest quality services and security devices for its customers.

At your fingertips is our highly trained staff ready to assist you at any time. Not only is our staff knowledgeable about the task at hand, but we are prepared to give you the most unique solutions for your specific needs.

We work within your budget and specifications. We want to provide you with the most useful solutions that will give you peace of mind and a higher quality of life. Choose Empire City Locksmith NYC to bring the solace and protection you deserve.

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Key and Rekey Service


Tried, Tested, and True

Your safety is a constant issue.  Your security is priority.  Empire City Locksmith NYC Manhattan delivers the most complete service, 24 Hour Locksmith, seven days a week.

We will not leave you stranded, distressed, anxious, or concerned.  We believe in the highest level of satisfaction for our clients and prepare the best solutions to meet your needs.

If you are interested in our fantastic service, then take a look at our security solutions below:

  • Master Lock Systems
  • Electric Lock Systems
  • Automotive Services
  • Access Control
  • Locks
  • Safes
  • Doors
  • CCTV
Empire City Locksmith NYC Locksmith Services Near Me Call (212) 588-0222
Rapid response in NYC


Professional Service

One of the most important security tools that you can provide to your business or building is a master lock system.  Every business is similar with regard to the access given for certain areas to specific employees.  With a master lock system, you have the ultimate control over what kind of access you give your staff.

It equally important for businesses to have a master lock system because it is cost effective.

Locksmith service can be costly if one of your associates happens to misplace a key.  In case of an emergency, you want the ability to open a lock in the quickest fashion possible.

A master key system will provide you with the comfort in knowing you have the access at hand.

Empire City Locksmith NYC responds to emergency calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to unlock vehicles, homes, and businesses that have been locked accidentally or whose locks have malfunctioned unexpectedly.

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Smart home Solutions


Satisfaction Guaranteed

Do you desire a device that gives you the ultimate sense of protection, getting a great service and support from a "Locksmith near me"? An electric lock is a highly secure mechanism that uses electronic authentication, instead of keys, to keep you safe.

With keyless locks, your locks cannot be picked due to the complex nature of access such as numerical codes, passwords, passphrases, and cards.  Another benefit is additional features such as the ability to audit successful and failed access attempts.

Empire City Locksmith NYC will consult and install all types of electric lock systems for you.  We have knowledgeable locksmiths who will point you in the right direction.

Electronic lock systems offer a higher level of security; don’t you want the best when protecting the things that mean the most?  Contact the reliable and experienced team at Empire City Locksmith NYC in order to find out how to adequately safeguard the most significant items in your life.

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Car Locksmith Service


Always Available

Empire City Locksmith NYC’s auto services encompass much more than assisting you in opening the doors of your locked car.

With the utmost concern, we service and repair ignition and door locks as well as keyless entry systems.  At Empire City, we understand the importance of precision and care.

Our locksmiths are available on call for any emergency.  Do not hesitate to reach out to our experienced personnel.  At Empire City Locksmith NYC, we have the ability to work with any lock system for any vehicle.

Our Automotive Services include:

  • ​Emergency Car Lockouts
  • Ignition Locks Repair
  • Door Locks Repair
  • Re-Keying Car Locks
  • Keyless Entry Systems

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Access Control


Satisfaction Guaranteed

In every business space, there are always restricted areas, either to the public or to the general staff.

Safeguard elements in areas that require limited access by obtaining an access control system for your workplace.

Through simple mechanisms such as numbered keypad entry or card reader systems you will be able to monitor all aspects of access including date, time, and personnel logging.

Whatever the access control issue, Empire City Locksmith NYC has the ability to give you the support you require.

Our access control systems are not only compact and easy-to-use, but they are intelligent.

Our access control systems only allow admittance to the individuals who are approved by the management or ownership of your building or office.

In addition, they track those individuals who access your rooms and assets.  Discover how we can fortify your building’s most sensitive areas.  Empire City Locksmith NYC:  Committed to security, known for reliability.

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Special Locks


Always Available

Empire City Locksmith NYC provides emergency locksmith service, installs, modifies, and repairs locks, deadbolts, and other mechanical or electronic locking devices to safeguard homes, businesses, vehicles, and any other property.

We carry the widest variety of manual and electronic locks from brands such as Medeco and Multilock, Schlage, Baldwin, Segal, and Von Doprin.  We can supply and install:

  • Deadbolts
  • Padlocks
  • Camlocks
  • Cylinders
  • Panic Bars
  • Exit Alarms
  • Door Closers
  • Electric Buzzer Systems
  • Magnetic Locks
  • Locksets
  • Deadbolts
  • Combination Locks
  • Cabinet Locks
  • Jimmy-Proof Locks
  • Mortise Locks
  • Mailbox locks

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Safe Locksmith Service


Professional Locksmith Service

Valuable possessions, significant documents, family heirlooms, and other irreplaceable belongings define our heritage and provide insight to who we are.

Businesses hold receipts, records, cash, and other items that are important to the integrity and success of the business. In order to protect these prized objects or vital documents, safes are available in all shapes and sizes with a wide range of security features.

Empire City Locksmith NYC can assist you in the protection of your possessions by counseling you are the most appropriate safes to purchase.

We have combinations safes, key safes, electronic locking safes, wall safes, floor safes, depository safes, and fire resistant safes.

Consult with our experts when choosing which is right for you.  In addition to consultation, Empire City Locksmith NYC will install, repair, and service your new safe.

Before spending an excessive amount of money to secure the items that mean the most to you or your business, contact an expert who can lead you on the right path.  Contact Empire City Locksmith NYC today.

Locksmith Services Near Me
Locksmith Service Near Me


Satisfaction Guaranteed

Nobody can be too careful these days.  You have heard it time and time again, but what steps can you take to create a safer environment for your family, your colleagues?

Installing high security doors is a great deterrent to the would-be home or business intruder.

Empire City Locksmith NYC service installs a variety of high security doors made of steel or dense, heavy wood.  We have many choices that mix security with style.

High security doors are designed to fit more snugly in the doorframe, preventing crevices and gaps, which also helps prevent many simple methods of gaining illegal entry. In addition, many of our doors are fire-rated for extra protection against fire spreading throughout your home or business.

At Empire City Locksmith NYC, we have a variety of doors to meet all your needs.

  • Kalamein doors
  • Non-machined wooden door that is wrapped in steel
  • Aluminum and Hollow Metal doors:  steel-edged; ultimate in strength and durability
  • Glass doors
  • Custom doors

​Consult with us when choosing the right security doors for your home or business.

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CCTV Locksmith Service


Always Available

Wouldn’t it give you peace of mind to know that you can check up on your loved ones or your prized possessions whenever you had the chance?  Empire City Locksmith NYC service has the resources to deliver closed-circuit television (CCTV) technology to your home or office.

For owners and managers of a business, it is hugely important that you keep an eye on activities in and around your office or shop at all times.

Your business needs a watchful eye; your business needs real time surveillance.  Your business needs Empire City Locksmith NYC to install your CCTV device.

As for families, your home is your safety net; your home is your livelihood.  With the constant advances in technology, it is feasible for more and more families to obtain the type of security that was only once reserved for large businesses and wealthy individuals.  Let Empire City Locksmith NYC service provide your family with real time surveillance technology in order to keep you and yours “in the know” at all times.

Surveillance, detection, and deterrence; with CCTV technology and other real time surveillance devices, Empire City Locksmith NYC can specify, provide, install, and service a wide range of systems for your home and your business.

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Key-less Locksmith Service


Secured Locksmith Service

With advanced technologies becoming more accessible, why not make your home or business more pleasant and more secure?  Free yourself from the worries of the outside world or unexpected intrusion.

Locksmith service are not only for an emergency situation.  Professional locksmiths, such as the staff at Empire City Locksmith NYC, are your security experts.  With technology continually advancing, especially with regard to security and surveillance, the public has more and more access to security features that will satisfy their peace of mind.

A knowledgeable locksmith service will have the ability to advise on the best solutions for your needs and execute the plan that will adequately secure your family or business.

Empire City Locksmith NYC is your personal source for all your security needs.  Our firm is equipped to offer you the most comprehensive solutions coupled with the most innovative technology.

At Empire City Locksmith NYC Service, we stand by our commitment to offer the most reasonable solutions for your security requirements.

You will be amazed at how our services can make you feel at ease.  Explore what Empire City Locksmith NYC can offer to you, your family, your business.

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Residential Locksmith service



Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your home is considered to be your safe haven, a place you can go to get away from all the troubles in the world.

With advanced technologies becoming more accessible in order to make your home more pleasant and more secure, why not do all you can do to make one of your largest lifetime investments more enjoyable for you and your family?  Empire City Locksmith NYC can give you the comfort you want.

We have the ability to provide the solutions that you desire.

When you choose Empire City Locksmith NYC to take care of your needs, you choose reliability, honesty, and integrity.

Whether it is an alarm system to secure your home or an around-the-clock locksmith to help you out of a jam, Empire City Locksmith NYC is there to create a more pleasurable environment and alleviate all of life’s little worries.

Locksmith Services Near Me
Commercial Locksmith Service


Always Available

Your business and your employees deserve the highest quality technology to keep operations smooth and external influences on the outer perimeter.  From continual monitoring to access control to emergency services, Empire City Locksmith NYC Service can fulfill every necessity of your business.

Our associates are highly skilled and widely experienced in all the areas that will give your business the safety it requires.

The associates at Empire City Locksmith NYC are willing to sit down with your business managers and show how we can provide your business with the most innovative technology coupled with the best variety of services within one network.

At Empire City Locksmith NYC Service, we desire strong relations with out clients through the successful integration of security, service, and technology.

Contact Us us today for more details about the services we offer.

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