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As our locksmith will be working on your instructions towards a goal. We will make sure we know, without any question, what that goal is and what it means to you. Simple things like fixing a lock, installing a door or duplicating keys have a simple meaning: you want things to work better than they do now.

That will have a visible, testable and objectively clear result which you can freely observe once it’s been done. And if it isn’t right where you want it, we can see what more can be done.

For more complex projects, work around the home or at a start-up that you’ve but all your heart into, let us know that there’s more than just simple work on the line. We know that every business has a human story behind it, something anyone can sympathize with and understand.

Our NYC professionals want to understand you, what it means to you, and how this locksmith service we're providing is helping you in more than one way.

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Once you establish that residential locksmith NYC job as a goal, you can be assured that we will keep it in mind and work towards it as more than just a suggestion.

Locksmith NYC
Reliable Locksmith NYC Manhattan means New York's high end quality!
Unfortunately it is now required to significantly beef up the security around New York homes and businesses

Can Evaluate and provide you with the right recommendations

YALE Locks by Locksmith Near ME
YALE Locks by Locksmith NYC
mul-t-lock Locks by Locksmith Near ME
Locksmith NYC install MUL-T-LOCK
Schlage Locks by Locksmith Near ME
We carry Schlage and all top lock brands

Learn about places to avoid at late night hour!

Locksmith NYC Penn Station
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For your enhanced safety There are a few areas in that Locksmith for NYC are not recommending to visit alone at night whether you are a tourist or a native of the neighborhood.
  • Lower East Side Avenue D from E Houston to E10th St
  • Tompkins Square Park
  • Penn Station area between 7th and 9th Ave 30-34th streets
  • Above 96th street to 125th between 1st and 5th Avenues
  • Streets between 130 and 140 streets around Frederick Douglas and Malcolm X

Owning a car in NYC is OK 🙂 if you get locked-out of your vehicle give automotive locksmith NYC a call, here's some more info:

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If you work with a freelancer or small, privately owned company, you’ll run out of places for your complaint to reach and need outside intervention. But if your service provider is part of a larger enterprise, you can find out who to contact quite easily.

You may have already gone through one or more channel to get them to work with you, and now that there is money on the line, the people involved further up the line of command will be worried about what your loss of business might mean in the near future. They have earnings reports to make and every refund issued is a hit to their stability.

Go through the necessary steps like before to find a personal contact within the company that works directly above the service providers you hired. Try to keep it outside of their team, or make sure the only contact is someone at the highest level of whoever worked with you before. Present them with everything you’ve gathered up and let them handle things internally.

If that fails, you can either give up and take the loss as part of a bad business deal all the way up or keep escalating until you reach out to someone who cares about public image and will put the service provider to task for risking their reputation with sub-par work.

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