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Empire City Locksmith NYC has been practically elected as one of the leading locksmith firms in New York City. No.. it was not handed to us in a red carpet ceremony, it is an achievement that was followed over a decade of truly hard work, outstanding professional achievements and our locksmiths commitment to the improvement of emergency service throughout New York City in almost any weather conditions 24 hour.

Rapidly unlocked thousands of cars, home and office doors throughout the city of New York.

Successfully repaired countless number of broken locks, saving our customers time and unnecessary expenses.

We have installed doors, access control, CCTV and other products, significantly increasing the security level at entry for our clients.

Do you need locksmith help?

+ 18000

Home& Commercial Lockout Calls

+ 4600

Car Lockouts& Keys Calls

+ 9200

Locks, doors, repair and install

+ 500

CCTV and access control installs

Empire City Locksmith NYC Inc. is there for you in almost any weather conditions, we always pick up the phone and will do our very best to get to your emergency as fast as possible.

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