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Is a Fingerprint Lock Safe for Your Home?

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Is a Fingerprint Lock Safe for Your Home

The idea behind the fingerprint lock is that it cannot be duplicated, unlike a traditional lock and key. As a smart lock, a fingerprint lock would have a connection to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Depending on the model, you should be able to store a number of fingerprints as having access to your home. Let’s review some of the pros and cons of this mechanism as a new security measure for your home.

The Pros of a Fingerprint Lock

As mentioned above, the fingerprint lock is a step above a traditional lock. The key to it cannot be duplicated, and you can give as few or as many people access to unlock the door as you wish.

If someone like a friend or babysitter needs to come over, most fingerprint locks have a secondary code on a number pad that can allow entry.

Another pro is that fingerprint systems are also smart locks, due to their use of information and Wi-Fi. Most models can record any failed attempts to use the lock and alert you as it happens.

If security is always on your mind, a fingerprint lock can be a good way to provide some peace of mind.

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The Cons of a Fingerprint Lock

It should be obvious that a smart lock with fingerprint access will be more expensive than your standard lock. If money is a concern, that can be a real issue.

These locks also rely on Wi-Fi to send messages or information to your phone or computer, so a power outage or issues with your internet can remove that function completely.

Even without Wi-Fi, a fingerprint system will not stop working. They are battery-powered, so a power outage will not reduce function. However, you’ll need to change the batteries when needed to ensure the lock keeps functioning.

Finally, there is the small possibility of a fingerprint being “hacked” as opposed to a traditional break-in. There is a slim chance of this happening, but it is a risk as with any smart technology in the home.

In conclusion, security will always be a concern, so why not use the best locks to feel as secure as possible? From fixing a traditional lock to figuring out if a fingerprint access as a door lock  is right for you, security should come first.


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