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Office Safe All You Need To Know

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Office safe is what you need when you’re setting up your first office in Manhattan or moving your growing business to a new space, protecting your assets and your employees must be one of your top priorities.

You shouldn’t cut corners when it comes to Investing in business security. The consequences could force you to close your doors.
That’s why once you’ve chosen your desired workspace, you’ll have to decide what security tools and devices will best serve your safety goals. Also, if your space is rented, you should consider your landlord’s policies on security practices and equipment.
No matter what type of scenario you’re facing as a business owner, speaking with a professional locksmith service in Manhattan is the best place to start. Today, we’d like to teach you about some of the most common security options available to protect your Manhattan business.
A Master Lock or Electronic Lock System
If you need to restrict the access to a specific area of your workplace for authorized employees, you should consider investing in a master lock system. This lock can be opened by a limited number of keys you’ll give to authorized employees, minimizing the odds of locking yourself out of the restricted space if you forget your copy.
Once a qualified locksmith installs your system, it’s up to you to determine how many employees will have their key and the rules linked to their management.
If you prefer to go keyless, you should install an electric lock system. There are several advantages to this system in comparison to a traditional, key-dependant option, such as:
Removing the pain of lost or broken keys.Avoiding the risk of your locks being picked by potential thieves, keeping your property safe.Having several options of authentication methods, such as numerical locks, security cards or biometric devices.The possibility of tracking analytics related to access, such as: how many users entered the room, time of entry or exit, and the number of unsuccessful attempts.
If you’re indecisive on which option works for you, make an appointment with a trusted security expert, who will advise you on the pros and cons of your specific space.
Security Doors
When it comes to your business’ security, choosing the right door goes beyond a matter of aesthetic. Functionality is essential, especially when it comes to preventing intruders from gaining access to restricted zones. To prevent this, you should invest in high-security doors.
The main advantage a high security door has over a regular one lies in its fit. Regular doors, regardless of the type of lock they have, always leave a small gap between them and the door frame. Burglars could use them to pick the locks and force enter your office. High-security doors minimize the odds by featuring a more snug fit with the doorframe.
However, don’t feel like you have to sacrifice style for your security. Today, high-security doors come in materials such as kalamein, aluminum and breakage-resistant glass, which can be customized to your business’ space design.
A CCTV System
CCTV is another common security feature available for homes and businesses. This surveillance system gives you the opportunity to check up on your business from wherever you are on your mobile device, giving you total peace of mind.
Just as with electronic lock systems, CCTV allows you to have a clear record of whatever happens inside and outside of your business. This can prove critical if any disruptive activity occurs, such as a crime, an accident, or a difficult encounter with a customer, since it can provide video evidence to protect yourself and your employees.
Surveillance technology has evolved from unwieldy cameras with a poor image quality to high-tech devices that give you information in real-time. A responsible security company will help you choose the right system for you, depending on your needs and your workspace layout.

Your Next Step: Find a Locksmith with Experience in Business Security

There are plenty of options available to keep your office safe, and free from intruders, so much so that it can be overwhelming. Before buying the first lock, you should make an appointment with a security expert or a business-experienced locksmith. They are ready to provide you with the right options, depending on the size of your business and your budget.


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